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 It's a little strange going into my final year of my degree. I suppose I should start thinking about what I want to do next year after I graduate... what a scary thought.

Perhaps I'll buy a fishing boat and just spend my days out on the water back home. That would be nice.
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Today I got a very nice rejection phone call for a job at Hooters in Tokyo on the basis that I'm a male.

I never applied for the job but I find myself a little bit insulted all the same.

Zaizen-kun, I'm fairly sure you were the one responsible for sending them a photo of me in a photoshopped pair of very short shorts and a bra. I don't want to know when you took a photo of me naked, but it was a very flattering photo you chose, thank you.

In return, here is a photo of you that I found on my phone. I think you look quite handsome in it.

(ooc: picture from the most amazing of pixiv sets)
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I got out my inflatable pool again the other day. It's still too cold for it and filling it with warm water is... tiring. But I've been missing it a lot. I haven't missed how much room it takes up in my room though.

Things have been a mess lately I've had a lot to think about lately, so it's a nice companion to have.

Golden week is fast approaching, what is everyone else doing for it?

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 I had a wonderful birthday last week, thank you for the well wishes and for people taking the time to celebrate it with me. I really need to completely ban myself from alcohol and stop making exceptions...

I had some lovely phone calls and got some nice presents as well. I think my favourite is the new flame angelfish in my tank, lovingly called "fuck with me" by Zaizen-kun. He had a little bit of a shaky introduction to the tank, but has settled in quite nicely. I need to buy a few more rocks for it now though.

It's quite fitting, really...

Hazuki-kun, when would you be free? I still need to see you.

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 The result of the tournament was a little disappointed. Expected, but still disappointing. My wrist is fine though which is nice, even though I pushed it in a few matches.

I've been going swimming quite a bit more lately and enjoying heated indoor pools. They're not as nice as the ocean, but they're passable and it's nice during winter. I got tired of using a bucket to cart warm water from my shower to fill my inflatable pool quite a while ago, and I've been missing it. It's nice having the extra space in my room with it packed away, but...

I think I'll spend the rest of the day cleaning my fish tank. I've been looking at new tank decorations as well, to make it a bit different. I haven't really changed them since I set the tank up here when I moved in.
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I had quite a nice weekend, I feel very spoiled. It's a bit of a shame I couldn't make time to go to Oshitari-kun's planned event - I'll try to make it next time, hun. I did avoid the kitchen though, buying chocolate seemed a little safer.

Zaizen-kun, I still have chocolate for you from the weekend if you want to come to collect it.

Things are going well at the moment with everything, really. I had to field a few curious phone calls over the weekend from back home about what was happening, which was quite nice. And my wrist seems completely healed and I should be good to play in the upcoming tournament.
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It's been a very busy few days since coming back and I'm looking forward to the routine of starting classes again.  It's been a very eventful new year so far, I'm hoping it settles down a little bit soon.

Matsuoka-kun, we should go swimming together again some time, it was very fun.

I'm getting a bit tired of living on soup and pizza. Any recommendations for good winter meals that aren't too difficult to make?
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It's not too far from the new year now. I'm happy to be back home for the end of the year and spending time with my family. My sister's back as well and it's been nice to hang out with her. I feel like we get along better now as we're both getting older.

I'm probably heading over to Shujiro Castle tomorrow and meeting up with some friends from school which will be fun. I'm enjoying the warmer weather and not having to wear such bulky layers all the time.

This has been an... interesting year. Certainly a lot of things happened in the last part of it, it was much more lively than 2014 was, anyway.

I don't really like making resolutions, because I never keep them. But I suppose I should work hard in what's approaching to be my last year at university and... maybe stop eating so much pizza.

Happy new year.
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... This place is cold and miserable and I continue to dislike snow. Thankfully it's over soon and I can go back to my blanket fort.

I also forgot to bring the pyjamas I bought especially for this trip. Thank you Yamazaki-kun and Zaizen-kun for lending me some clothes to sleep in. I'm sure my roommate appreciates it.
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I went to the mall today for some shopping and I stopped by the santa set up. I saw quite an amusing elf there and took some very nice photos from a distance. The children all looked like they were having a good time.

Perhaps next time I'll stop by myself and tell Santa what I want for Christmas. I should fit on their lap and not be too heavy.
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I've been busy building a blanket fort in Zaizen-kun's room lately. It's going to be very warm and satisfactory for winter, I'm looking forward to it.

In the mean time, I'm looking for a larger inflatable pool to put in my room. My current one is just too small. It's way too cold for it now, so I might look to get one for Spring next year, which gives me plenty of time to look for options. It'd take more effort to fill up, but I think being able to properly stretch out the legs and relax would be worth it.

Eishirou, I saw this picture of a fish and thought of your face. I hope you too see the resemblance.

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I had an interesting start to the week that I have some mixed feelings on. Thank you, Zaizen-kun, for letting me stay over so much lately. Things will sort themselves out hopefully soon and I can stop invading your room so much.

I got motivated this morning to call my sister and catch up with her. It's been a while since we've talked properly with each other, what with both of us being busy with university and living apart. Our mother tells her more than she tells me, so I got a long update on my family as well.

She asked me about my plans for New Years and I have no idea -- what is everyone else planning on doing? Eishirou, are you going back home for New Years?

... And I think I've been eating too much pizza lately. I've gained weight.
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I'm actually going to ban myself from drinking. Or at least only go out drinking with people who will keep an eye on me from now on.

Thank you Oshitari-kun for a night out last night, anyway. I had a lot of fun. Maybe next time we hang out, we should do it sober and not do shots from the conbini.

I skipped class today and went to the beach instead. Sitting on the beach and eating seaweed salad helped with the hangover.

ooc: Rin and Yuushi went out last night. Anyone at Captain Staggers may have seen them making out in the corner :X They may have also been spotted dancing in a fountain together, Rin being piggybacked around town and both of them playing pied piper with some pigeons and a packet of chips... while Rin was still being piggybacked. Residents of Murasaki dorms may have also heard Yuushi singing very loudly when they got back to Rin's room.

Oh, and apparently they went "KNOCK KNOCK" very loudly on Sousuke's door in the ungodly hours of the morning, left a half eaten cup of pudding and ran away. Because they're amazing
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What an interesting start to the week and the end of an also, very interesting week in general. I'm glad it's a public holiday. I'm not really looking forward to exams, but I should be fine.

In case anyone else isn't aware, by the way, my name is Hirakoba Rin. Please don't address me by my given name, unless you're Eishirou.

Zaizen-kun, when's your last exam? Do you want to go out to dinner after?

Screened to Yamazaki-kun )
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Thank you to the people who came to Yamazaki-kun's birthday party the other day. It was quite fun. Some people got very enthusiastic with the costumes and theme.

Tennis today was... fine. My wrist hurts a bit though. Good thing my current work can all be done on the computer. I'll probably have to watch it over the next few practice matches though.

ooc: feel free to have had your character come to the party or not \o
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I'm having a small party for Yamazaki-kun for his birthday that was a few weeks ago and he didn't celebrate.

It will be at the Murasaki Rooms on Tuesday afternoon. Everyone is welcome to come, as long as they bring some kind of present. Cake will be provided.

Comment below if you want to come. It's all rather last minute, but it should be fun regardless.

Oh, and the theme for the party is under the sea. Should be fairly easy.
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I had a friendly chat with the fellow at Mr Donut and got free donuts with my coffee this morning. I really just wanted one.

Update: Stopping eating them now. I shouldn't have eaten that extra half...
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Ah.... I was planning on going back home for a bit for Silver week, but my parents decided to go on a holiday instead. And I'd just bought an automatic fish feeder to cover me for the trip.

They sent me a large box of snacks though, as a sort of apology, since they knew I was looking forward to a trip home. So that's something.

If anyone is interested in an automatic timed fish feeder, lightly used, let me know.